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How to place an order from overseas

※ 海外のお客様向けの購入ガイドです ※

This guide aims to help overseas customers through their purchase.
As we don't ship overseas on this website, this guide applies for those who either live in Japan or use a forwarding service.

We now ship worldwide on the following stores:
Tokyo Kawaii Life Overseas
LIZ LISA Official eBay Store

* Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

step 1


registration screen

Register on Tokyo Kawaii Life at the link below.

New Member Registrationnew items

Fill in the form with your name, email address, password and shipping information (Japanese address only).

step 2


Browse and find the items you want!

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step 3


cart screen

Once you are ready to check out, go to your cart and choose your payment method.

Go to your Cartnew items

You have the choice between paying directly on Tokyo Kawaii Life by credit card or with your Amazon Account (Amazon Pay)

step 4


shipping address screen

Select your shipping address (if it is already registered) or fill in a new shipping address directly in the dedicated form.

Check your registered shipping addressesnew items

*We can only ship to a Japanese address
*Please make sure that you have filled in the complete shipping address including any member ID/number received from your forwarding service.

step 5

(Credit Card)

payment screen

It is possible to choose a date and an hour to which your items shall arrive at your shipping address.
Select the credit card payment option and fill in the necessary information.

* Warning: Most of forwarding services do not accept cash on delivery option ("代金引換").

step 6


Check all your order and shipping information and press the "注文確定" button (bottom of the page) to confirm your order.

step 7


Your items will arrive within 2~5 business days at your shipping address (Japan).

thank you


How to register in your tenso address :

郵便番号 (Postal Code) : 120-0023
都道府県 (Region) : 東京都
住所1(市区町村) (City/Ward) : 足立区 千住曙町
住所2(番地)(Street Number) : 42−4
住所3(建物名)(Building Name) : TS000000転送コム
電話番号 (TEL): 03-5739-3341

mail If you have any question, feel free to contact us at :